Our Budget Friendly
"Select Kitchen" Range

Introducing Our “Select Kitchen Range”– Budget Friendly Kitchen Joinery for Your Home

For all the bargain hunters out there, check out our “Select Kitchen” range for a budget-friendly kitchen without compromising quality or style!

At Cooper Webley, we understand not everyone has a big budget for a kitchen makeover and have developed our own “Select Kitchen” range offering quality products without breaking the bank.

We have been able to do this by streamlining our “Select Kitchen” range to a handful of popular choices and negotiating great pricing with our NZ suppliers, and then passing the savings directly to you.

Our pricing is very competitive – matching or even surpassing that of big-box stores, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Say goodbye to being limited to cookie-cutter “off the shelf” designs! With our “Select Kitchen” range you can personalise your design to reflect your personality and lifestyle, while still keeping within a smaller budget!

All our residential joinery comes with a 5 year warranty, ensuring quality and peace of mind. Crafted in our Nelson factory, conveniently located alongside our showroom, our joinery is not outsourced – it’s locally made guaranteeing superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

Cooper Webley we believe everyone deserves a great kitchen, no matter what their budget.

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Case Studies

Save $$$’s by using our “Select” colour palette!

Save $2000 on this kitchen design simply by choosing from our “Select Kitchen” colour range. Same great product, same great quality!  Boom! Money in the bank!

Revamp your kitchen on a budget!

These clients were on a very small budget. By using our “Select Kitchen” range colour palette, sink and tapware, they were able to save $3000, keeping their hard-earned money in their pockets!

How It Works

Save on your kitchen design by swapping out some of or all of your products to our price conscious “Select Kitchen” range. 

  1. Call to book your Free Consultation
  2. Pick one of five colours for your bench top. 
  3. Pick one or multiple colours for your cabinetry colours. 
  4. Use our favourite sink option.
  5. Use our favourite tapware option.
  6. Or mix and match your own choices using partial Cooper Webley range and partial “Select Kitchen” range.



With our newly curated “Select Kitchen” range, we cater specifically to budget-conscious clients. This collection features a carefully chosen set of stylish laminates, ensuring quality and affordability. Let your designer assist you in finding the ideal colour and solution from our thoughtfully selected options.


The cabinetry colour palette has been thoughtfully curated to seamlessly complement your laminate benchtop, ensuring a stylish and versatile match for any setting. Discover the perfect balance of value, durability, and aesthetic appeal with our “Select Kitchen” Melamine range. 

Sink Bowl

We have chosen the Mercer DV102 sink bowl as part of our “Select Kitchen” range. It features a sleek and stylish design with a tight radius sink, embodying modern design trends in its linear shape. The Mercer DV Series stainless steel sink range is crafted with the utmost NZ quality standards.


We feature the Mercer Aurora Gooseneck Mixer in our budget-friendly “Select Kitchen” range. This custom-made mixer is designed specifically to complement DV102 sink bowl used in our range.

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Benchtop Colours

Cabinetry Colours

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